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Easy to Use Coaching Tool for Any Sports

Point-HD Trainer helps Coaches to give dynamic team talks and presentations that will not only captivate the team members but will also help them retain the main points of the coaching sessions. Point-HD Trainer works in real time, with easy to use annotation tools that will help the coach to explain moves and tactics. Using powerful visual annotations, the players stand a better chance of retaining the coaching session messages and putting the moves into practice where it matters, on the field! The graphically rich annotation tools within Point-HD Trainer can be used over images, video clips & web pages, all of which can be recorded as video clips for players to review previous sessions in their own time.

Quick to Use, Easy to Learn

With Point-HD Trainer the coach can be up and running with the system in seconds, no need to learn complex software interfaces, with Point-HD Trainer the coach can have a custom set of tools with a layout that they prefer, the tools can even be set to operate in different ways to suit each user. The coach can have a toolset that is organised for each section of the presentation, this custom profile can be saved and recalled as required, you can load multiple profiles within a single presentation and using the onscreen buttons the coach can move back and forth through various profiles.

Numerous Configurations

Point-HD Trainer can be setup in a variety of configurations, typical configuration examples are provided below, if you require a custom setup, then please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Contact us for custom configurations (link to contact page)

Laptop Coaching Presentations

Point-HD Trainer on a laptop allows coaches to give team talks easily at any location, the laptop can be used as a one on one presentation or connecting the laptops monitor output to a projector or large screen display allows for presenting to the whole team. The laptop configuration is useful for coaches who would like to prepare presentations at home or on the road, coaches can record the annotations with voice over and save these as video clips to play out at the next meeting. Picture of laptop coaching goes here

side text next to picture "With Point-HD Trainer, the display output feeding the external monitor/projector can be set to any resolution supported by the graphics card and display device. For example a typical laptop resolution maybe 1280 x 720 and a HD display could be attached to the laptops monitor output, with Point-HD Trainer you can set up the secondary display to a full 1920 x 1080 resolution, which allows the audience to view presentations in full HD."

Desktop Coaching System

Point-HD Trainer can be run on a desktop computer fitted with a graphics card with two monitor outputs. This configuration is useful for coaching and briefing rooms which may have an existing AV installation or where a permanent type of setup is required. The first video output from the computer is sent to the coaches touch screen monitor, this monitor could be located either at the front of the room in a lectern or at the back on a conference room table or even a larger touch screen monitor located at the front of the room. The second video output from the computer is sent to a second large screen display or projector, this will show the output from the Point-HD Trainer to the team players, this output will only show the video and any annotations being made by the coach, it does not show the tools or buttons from the coaches control screen, this allows the players to focus only on what they are being shown by the coach, rather than being distracted by the tools and buttons. Unlike conventional white board applications - with Point-HD Trainer you can help focus your players on retaining the key messages, rather than the players wondering what tool the coach is about to use next! Picture of desktop coaching system below

Mobile Coaching System

For coaches who prefer a mobile courtside coaching system, the mobile Point-HD Trainer solution provides the best option, comprising of a large touch screen monitor which is housed in a transportable flight case. The monitor can be easily raised up on location and powered up to start using the Point-HD Trainer for courtside briefings. The LCD touch monitor has a built in computer with Point-HD preinstalled, with expansion slots to allow external USB disk storage as well as a secondary display output should an additional monitor be required. Picture below of mobile system

PHD-2012 Point-HD Trainer System

For the ultimate high performance system the PHD-2012 2RU compact workstation solution is recommended. The PHD-2012 provides dual outputs, a SSD drive for robustness and fast start up, as well as a front panel slot for additional storage, combined with the optional XV-RGB-E1s input module, the system can also accept external VGA, DVI, YUV, and HDMI inputs. Picture below of phd system

External Computer Inputs

The PHD-2012 when combined with the XV-RGB-E1s input module, allows external computers such as Apple Mac Books, Ipads or PC's to be input as the background to the Point-HD. This allows users running 3rd party coaching applications on other computers to feed their computers output into the Point-HD Trainer. For example a video analyst can cue up video on their laptop running the 3rd party application and feed that into the Point-HD system so that the coach can annotate and draw over the external video in real time.

Interfacing with iPads and Tablets

By connecting the PHD-2102 to a wireless router the system can be controlled via a wireless tablet or iPad device. Please contact us for further information.

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