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Video Evidence Retrieval and Analysis System

The Point-HD VERA is especially designed for use by Police forensics to retrieve and analyse video evidence and to allow complex evidence to be presented in court to the lay person jurors.

The system allows CCTV, mobile phone or any other format of video to be viewed via the Point-HD, with functions that allow frame by frame as well as still image snapshots to be quickly captured.

A host of tools enables various forms of annotations to be made - these can be premade or done live in court using the simple touch screen interface.

The Point-HD VERA system is built around the compact PHD-2012 workstation with the XV-RGB-E1s input module, using this system it is also possible to capture multiplexed CCTV footage in high resolution from DVR/NVR's, the application also allows for the user to select single or multiple camera output and convert these into individual windows.

Courtroom Application

The Point-HD VERA system also used within a courtroom environment, helps to aid the presentation and explanation of complex evidence to the lay person jurors.

The system can be configured in many ways to suit individual requirements, the most typical setup for a court room would comprise of 4 touch screens connected to the one system. This would then provide the Defence, Prosecution, Judge and Witness Box with a touch screen each.

The Judge can use his touch screen control to override at any point by clicking on the preview button which will then hide the output from being seen by the jury.

Either snapshots or complete video recordings can also be made whilst evidence is being presented, this not only allows for a record to be kept, but allows either the defence or prosecution to quickly and easily refer back to any evidence that had been previously presented during trial.

Expert Depositions

The Point-HD VERA system can also be used to gather expert witness depositions out in the field, this saves having to have the experts travel to trail and saves on cost. The system can also be interfaced with a VTC Video Conferencing system to allow live in trial depositions if required.

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