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Point-HD Surface - Telestrator

Telestrator for the Surface Tablet PC, Cost effective and fully featured

POINT-HD Trainer Meeting Room

POINT-HD Trainer


POINT-HD Trainer AV Event

POINT-HD Trainer



Point-HD Surface - Telestrator

Point-HD Surface is a Telestrator which runs on the Microsoft Surface Tablet PC's, can be used in a wide variety of applications such as: Sports Coaching, Education, AV Presentations, Telemedicine and Courtrooms to name a few.

Point-HD Surface - Tablet Telestrator

Point-HD Surface - A Tablet Telestrator for Broadcast, A/V, Coaching and more

Draw Over Video, Images or Computer Inputs

Using the Point-HD Surface, you can draw, highlight, place graphics and annotate over video, still images or even an external computer or HD-SDI video inputs using the optional PZ-HDMI and PZ-HDSDI USB capture modules.

Second Viewer Output Hides the Interface

Point-HD Surface displays the user interface on the Surface's main touch screen and displays just the video with any annotations on the external display output from the Surface tablet, so that viewers are not distracted by any of the user controls during any presentation. The display output from the Surface can also be connected wireless to a viewing diaply monitor or projector using the Microsoft wireless HDMI adaptor or it can be hooked up to a HD-SDI convertor to obtain HD-SDI output for Broadcast use.

Capture Stills or Video of Presentations with Audio

Point-HD Surface can also capture still images with any annotations made during a presentation for easy handout notes after the event, it can also record the annotations and allow voice over to be saved as a video clip that can be distributed or viewed later.

Software or Out of the Box Solutions

Point-HD Surface is available either as software which can be installed onto an existing Surface tablet or a fully configured Tablet for use out of the Box.

Live Video Input Options

The Point-HD Surface can be used with either the PZ-HDSDI / PZ-HDMI USB capture modules to annotate over external video or computer input.

Point-HD Surface works with the internal video camera, camcorders or any other video device that can be connected to the Surface computer, it can also be used with still images, video files or live web pages to annotate over.

Sports Coaching

Ideal for sports coaches to give team talks using powerful visual graphics instead of chalk boards and "X & O's". Coach can have a laptop to prepare video clips or team plays, a large screen portable system for use at the field or a presentation setup in the team room.

Works with any sports or coaching scenario.
Point-HD Trainer - Sport Coaching, Basketball

Point-HD Surface - Sport Coaching, Basketball

Point-HD Trainer - Sport Coaching, Football

Point-HD Surface - Sport Coaching, Football

Point-HD Trainer - Sport Coaching, Hockey

Point-HD Surface - Sport Coaching, Hockey

Point-HD Trainer - Sport Coaching, Soccer

Point-HD Surface - Sport Coaching, Soccer

Telemedicine and Mentoring

Ideal solution for Tele-medicine and teaching applications, with Point-HD Surface set up with the PZ-HDMI/HDSDI input modules, a live operation can be viewed in real time by a remote located consultant or surgeon, the consultant can then annotate over the live video and display this on the separate output to medical students or it can also be sent back to the operating theatre in case the surgeon needs some expert guidance or assistance.

The Point-HD Surafce can be used with virtually any Video Conferencing system to relay the live video back and forth between the operating theatre and the remote consultant.

Point-HD Trainer - Telemedicine

Point-HD Surface - Medical Applications

Point-HD Trainer - Telemedicine, Surgery

Point-HD Surface - Tele-medicine, Surgery


The Point-HD Surface can be used for more dynamic interactive learning environments that both educators and students alike will find easy to use and make learning a fun activity.

Point-HD Trainer - Education

Point-HD Surface - Education

Point-HD Trainer - Education, Engineering

Point-HD Surface - City Planning, Engineering

Courtroom / Police

Point-HD Surface is the perfect Telestrator for use within a courtroom, the easy to use system allows the lay person jury to better understand complex evidence material and allows witnesses to provide a visual based testimony.

Point-HD Trainer - Courtroom

Point-HD Surface - Courtroom

Police forensic labs can use the Point-HD Surface to gather visual evidence in the form of images, video or CCTV recordings for analysis and to be able to present the evidence in court.

Point-HD Trainer - Police

Point-HD Surface - Police

AV Events, Presentation and Corporate Board Rooms

AV Events

Typically at large Audio Visual events, a large screen projected display is used for the audience to view the presentation material being presented by the speaker, however if the speaker needs to highlight an aspect of the presentation then traditionally a laser pointer device is used, however this can be very difficult for the viewers to see.

With a Point-HD Surface solution, the speaker can use any number of the annotation and pointing tools within Point-HD to draw, annotate and easily highlight to the viewing audience any points they need to make. An image can also be captured whenever any annotations are made which can serve as useful handout notes after the event.

Point-HD Trainer - Meeting AV Event

Point-HD Surface - Meeting AV Event


With on the road sales personal who need to make frequent presentations to clients, a Surface Tablet with Point-HD can serve as the perfect presentation device to wow the client.

Point-HD Trainer - Laptop Presentation

Point-HD Surface - Laptop Presentation

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