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PlayZone HD Pocket Sized Telestrator

Compact, Cost Effective and Easy to Use Telestrator

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PlayZone HD EzPz1 Pocket Sized Telestrator

Play Zone HD provides a truly compact and portable High Definition Telestrator that fits inside your shirt pocket. Whilst it may be small in size, it features functionality found in high end Telestrators, without the hassle of menus or buttons, just plug in the power, connect the touch screen and you are ready for action.

The stylish Play Zone HD design reflects the quality of engineering & is housed in a beautiful aircraft grade aluminium case that ensures protection for a portable device whilst maintaining a lightweight solution. Play Zone HD is highly expandable with optional accessories including HD-SDI & HDMI Modules, IR programmable remote & VESA mounts. Simply plug in a USB thumb drive loaded with your playlist of video or pictures for instant replay or use the built in library of sports sketch and get the team ready for game time.

Easy Setup and Live Video Inputs

PlayZone HD Easy Setup

PlayZone HD Easy Setup

PlayZone HD Live Video Inputs

PLayZone HD With Live Video HDSDI / HDMI

PlayZone HD allows fast and easy setup, no buttons or menus to navigate. Using the PZ-HDSDI / PZ-HDMI you can feed live video sources from video devices or computers. PlayZone HD also works with streaming video, perfect for use with external H264 streaming systems and encoders.

PlayZone HD Overview

Play Zone HD is quick to setup and very easy to use, connect the USB & HDMI to the touch screen for instant interactive annotation & telestration over video clips, pictures or live video inputs from the optional Play Zone HDMI & HD-SDI modules

Popular Telestrator tools which include freehand draw, stretchy arrows, circles and spotlights are located in the corners of the touch screen display for fast and easy use. Play Zone HD can be used with a standard USB mouse for use with PC monitors and TV displays.

PlayZone HD Tools Arrows and Circles

PlayZone HD Tools Arrows and Circles

PlayZone HD Tools Draw and Spotlights

PlayZone HD Tools Freehand Draw and Spotlights

Play Zone HD Remote allows one click navigation of playlist content and source switching; along with Play/Pause and video seek functions. Using the remote you can switch tool colours and sizes,

Play Zone HD remote is programmable, and you can use a selection of standard remotes and customise the keys to provide preferred functions. You can attach a USB keyboard for secondary control as well as the remote.

Sports Coaching

PlayZone HD includes a set of sports layouts allowing coach to show their play-book moves and game-play or simple X's and O's

PlayZone HD Football Telestrator

PlayZone HD Sports Football

PlayZone HD Basketball Telestrator

PlayZone HD Sports Basketball

PlayZone HD Hockey Telestrator

PlayZone HD Sports Hockey

PlayZone HD Soccer Telestrator

PlayZone HD Sports Soccer

With Play Zone HD you can import & use your own pictures and backgrounds for any sports or other applications, supports all popular image formats BMP, TGA, JPG, PNG


Playback video clips in full 1080P HD resolution, supporting playback of a wide variety of video formats including H264 / MP4. Video playback controls include Play / Pause and Seek forward / reverse, control is available by attaching a USB keyboard or via the wireless remote control option.


Connect laptop computer output or camcorder / camera via the Play Zone HD HDMI input module to bring live video into the Play Zone HD Telestrator. The Play Zone HD SDI module allows for broadcast SD/HD-SDI source input for Telestrator. The live video input can be paused and reactivated for live view at any time using the remote or keyboard.

PlayZone HD

PlayZone HD EzPz1 Telestrator

PlayZone HD EzPz1

PlayZone HD RC Kit

PlayZone HD Kit with IR remote and USB capture

Full range of accessories and touch screen available, please enquire for further details.

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